Our Story

Hi! I'm Elina! My husband and I founded Marianas Creations in 2019. We’re a cafe, bar, gift shop and art gallery featuring products made in the Mariana Islands. We work with more than 25 local artists.

We encourage eco-friendly practices by eliminating plastics from our food and drink services. Our shop is fully renovated and decorated with recycled materials. We also promote a sustainable lifestyle with our local farm fresh products.

Our bar/cafe also serves soft drinks, mocktails and cocktails made with local ingredients. 

We regularly host events like First Friday, in which we invite our artists and give them the chance to meet their supporters and get to know each other. 

We believe in shopping at local businesses and buying local products. We also believe that a sustainable lifestyle is the best lifestyle, especially while living on a small island. Thank you for your support!


Biba Marianas!

Si Yu'us Ma’åse’


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